Sanitary Pump


158/159/178 series pumps,developed by LCK. With SUS 316 wetted parts,can be adopted for operaton of transporting sanitary fluids。
It can be easily dismantled and assembled for cleaning。
Convenient to assemble the body and motor with clamp。
Casing direction changeable ( 4 directions )。
Options foe thermal insulation and cold insulation jacket。
Explosion-proof type ( EG3 ) ( EXEⅡ T3 ),
Frameproof explosion - proof type ( D2G4 ) ( EXDⅡ B T4 ) 。


◎安全增防爆馬達( EG3 ):為防止馬達在正常運轉中發生火花、電弧或過熱,在構造及溫昇方面特別加強其安全度之構造。
安全防爆構造 發火度
E G3
◎ 耐壓防爆型馬達(D2G4):為全密閉型特殊構造,防止馬達器殼內部之氣體被引爆時,馬達本體結構能承受爆發之壓力,不致引起外部可燃性氣體爆炸。
耐壓防爆構造 爆發等級 發火度
D 2 G4

158/159 Type Performance Curve

Performance curve change with mmotor power, poles, and impeller size. Please contact with us.

Motor Standard Specification

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