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Cartridge Filter Housing
Cartridge Filter Housing


Cartridge Filter Housing


055 type Cartridge Filter Housing is for single hold using sanitary feature for connecting the inlet/outlet and the sealing part of the main body.

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  • Cleaning and replacement of the cartridge filter is easily done since the parts of Cartridge Filter Housing are assembled by clamping.
  • Cartridge Filter Housing for 250mm/500mm/750mm cartridges are available.So are the housings for different codes of cartridge filters.
  • The piping of 055 type Cartridge Filter Housing can be easily done since the inlet/outlet connections are sanitary ferrule.
  • Inlet/outlet connections:1.0" Ferrule.
  • Housing material:SUS316(SUS304).
  • Seals material:EPDM(Silicone/PTFE).
  • Surface finish inside/outside:#400.
  • Maximum operating pressure:1.0 MPa.

濾心 A B C D
10" 310 59 35 250
20" 560 57 35 250
30" 836 57 35 250